Things I like

Post Rock

I am a music addicted, or in another way to say I was a music addicted. In January 2013 (I believe it was too late), I knew a new genre of music knowingly as Post Rock which totally changed all the taste of music in my life. The feeling I had the first time when I heard a Post-rock song was that, I was always looking for this all my life. I do have a category in my Blog and I post the top songs I like with a piece of writing from myself. Now I’m addicted to post-rock only and I should say I’m very pleased that I found this into my life. Ever-since I know post-rock the whole view point of me from life and matters changed and I’m very happy with it.


I play piano and I love it, Since I was 12 my father forced me into it. although it was not very fun at the first but after a while I really fell that it makes me calm. Lately I’m more into covering Post-Rock musics rather than playing classical. Me and My friends planned to make a small band and publish some songs. They will be published in my Blog once it’s there.


Ever-since I was young, I liked to get unauthorized access to computers, websites and whatever which is not mine. I do a lot of penetration against all which is around me. It turned me into a developer and the position that I’m currently in. I like to investigate and analyze client and web based applications and find security holes in them. It feels like playing with chess with myself when I try to block those holes and patch them.

Open Source

I like open source developers and I always admire them. I do support open source projects although some times financial situations does not allow me. But I always like to provide free sources to others and let them use it in the way they want it.


I like to write. Specially when I get mad, Sad and depressed. You can check my Blog old entries and see my writing pieces. I know they sucks so please don’t blame me for that. Lately I’ve stopped writing long pieces and I only write quotes while combining them with post rock songs.

Technologies and Gadgets

I love every new gadget that is related to technology. Although financial situation of mine does not let me to have them all but I really enjoy to check them out! I would be reviewing the newest gadgets if I had some sponsor! anyway I do those which I can get my hands on and I post them in my Blog.